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Dog or Pup Got Diarrhea After Eating Something Different
Introducing New Food To a Pup or (ANY DOG)
First it makes good sense to tell you about your furkids digestive system because otherwise I am sort of talking double dutch...
Ever wonder if the dog digestive system is just like ours? The system organs are the same but when a dog is healthy and fed properly, digestion is faster. For good reason. It saves him from illness.Just keep in mind that good digestion is key to health and could boost dogs immune system.

There are more organs in this system than any other and there should be.
Digestion takes a lot of energy while food is being broken down in a way that can nourish every organ and every cell in the body to protect it from illness and disease.Dog digestion begins in the mouth and this is where we humans make our first mistake in understanding.
I know you've noticed their teeth are different. Not only do they have fangs to grab, hold and tear, they have front teeth to scrape meat off of bones and molars to crush with.
dog teeth show dog digestion is different than ours
Notice I did not say molars to chew with? Dogs cannot chew like humans! Why? They don't have a flexible jaw like we do. This makes it impossible for them to grind their food. (And their fangs would certainly get in the way if they could.)

Try it right now. Chew with only an up and down motion. Isn't that awful? It feels funny and would take forever to work wouldn't it?
Now we begin to see the difference in the dog digestive system compared to ours.Our saliva has enzymes. The more we chew, the more the enzymes break down our food before it gets to the stomach. Dog saliva does not have enzymes!
Really. The dog digestive system is awesome. What best serves a dog is - their saliva kills germs. If you've ever seen your dog eat something old and gross and not get sick, now you know why.
This also served my children when they got cuts and scrapes. The dogs were always willing to assist.Here's another difference with the dog digestive system. Even though dogs cannot chew up their food before it goes down the throat, it must still be the right size and amount to fit. If not, the dog throws up! Your dog is not sick. It's just his body signaling him to do it again. This is totally natural. I know it's gross, but just leave the room and let him finish.
Dog Stomach, Enzymes and Acid
For both humans and dogs, hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the stomach helps break down the food. The acid in a dogs stomach is far stronger than ours so it can break down... you guessed it, chunks of raw meat.

Here lies another difference between us. Since a dog's stomach has far more acid and digests at a pH=1 (where we are pH=5 or so) the enzymes we use for breaking down certain foods are not available to dogs because those enzymes cannot survive the strong acid/low pH.
This is why dogs thrive on meat and cannot be vegetarians or eat an abundance of grains. (I wonder if that abundance in many commercial dog foods, also leads to canine diabetes, along with over-vaccinating.)
And it's also why whole nutritious grains must be cooked, and most vegetables should be pulverized, thus making them predigested.
The Dog Digestive System Organs
Here is some of what each organ adds to the digestive process. Keep in mind these organs do more than this. I'll just summarize.

Produces enzymes to break down food
Makes the hormone insulin (regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism)
Produces glucagon (the opposite of insulin)

Produces bile to digest fats
Processes nutrients absorbed from the small intestine.
Detoxifies potentially harmful chemicals
Breaks down and secretes many drugs
Makes all the various chemicals the body needs to function
For more about the liver, see Dog Liver Health.

Gall Bladder
Stores and concentrates bile; then releases it into the duodenum to help absorb and digest fats
Small Intestine

Absorbs nutrients
Absorbs vitamins and minerals
Absorbs fats
Absorbs medications
Large Intestine/Colon

Absorbs water and any missed nutrients
Stores fecal matter until passage from the body
The dog digestive tract is much shorter than ours, so they have less time to absorb nutrients but they can also expel some toxins faster.

What does the immune system have to do with digestion? I know you know the answer. There won't be anything to fuel the immune system without a good dog digestive system.
Ok so now we understand I hope the differences with dogs internally and us. The introduction of ANY new food is likely to cause either at worst an atopic response (itching, fatigue, hyperactivity, cough etc ) or in the least diarrhea, yes folks a crappy back end that can leave pools of liquid, mucous and sometimes blood, ALL ARE OK because we know what has caused this, it is the introduction of new food an mainly bones. Bones or fresh meat are usually the culprits but it isn't the end of the World.
Now you can let it ride and allow the body's natural defences to kick in and do their job. Takes about 5 days or you can give something to cause the stool to stiffen and the colon to be soothed and cleansed. THis is done either chemically or naturally. I prefer natural approaches after seeing many dogs suffering and yet still using veterinary products.
So firstly we know the cause so no alarm bells ringing- 
Now we treat the dog !
Take 1 sweet apple and prick the skin all over
Place in suitable container and put into microwave oven
Warm through completely and then remove
Mash the apple to a sauce consistency including skin
Remove pips 
Spoon feed fido this throughout the day until it has gone
This will stiffen the stool as it contains cellulose
The apple will cleanse the colon that has become irritated 
yes it may even bleed a little, don't worry the apple is a natural Many advanced colon-cleansing protocols include either whole apples, apple sauce, apple juice, or apple cider vinegar (ACV) because this simple fruit is a powerful cleansing food. High in fiber, a nutrient that is already widely known to promote healthy digestion, apples are also rich in pectin, a carbohydrate compound that acts as a thickening agent inside the gut. When taken in therapeutic doses, pectin can help root out built-up toxins in the colon and strengthen the intestinal lining.It contains a substance called sorbitol that helps almost all bowel problems.

Antidiarrheal: helps fight diarrhea.
Soft laxative: Although it seems contradictory with its antidiarrheal properties, its high pectin content makes it an excellent bowel apparatus regulator, so that stops diarrhea naturally and helps mobilize sluggish bowels if required by the stomach.
High content in fiber and pectin makes it an ideal remedy for colitis, gastroenteritis and more.
Diuretic and depurative: helps promote the elimination of body fluids which helps the toxic flow from the stomach and intestines, in addition to helping debug them.
High in fiber, which removes toxins, fat and poisonous waste in the stomach and intestine.
Antacid properties: it has pectin content in combination with glycine, that makes it an effective natural antacid, appropriate to combat heartburn, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals antacids for the stomach. For this, just simply eat an apple well washed or peeled when you feel the symptoms of heartburn.
Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which nourish the stomach and tissues.
Sedative: apple is high in phosphorus which takes the stress out the stomach and nervous system, causing an assimilation of nutrients and a better elimination of toxins.
Digestive: one of the best remedies for the stomach to have a good digestion is to eat an apple twenty minutes after eating or an hour later.
Anti-inflammatory effects: so it would reduce the inflammation in the stomach and combat gastritis, and colitis.
Relieves indigestion, when you eat a raw apple.
The apple infusion relaxes the stomach, calms heartburn, inflammation of stomach, cures gastritis, colitis and diverticulitis, cleans and purifies the stomach in case of infection (may cause vomiting as a form of cleansing. For this, drink three cups of tea apple per day).
Apple infusion to cure gastritis, colitis, bloating, etc.
You need:

A raw apple, peeled and cut into small pieces
Juice of one lemon
A tablespoon of Chamomile Flower
Boil all the ingredients in two cups of water for 10 minutes and then turn off the heat and mash well the apple. Let stand a few minutes and strain. Drink a liter of this water a day. If you want to cure gastritis, you should remove from your diet all junk or processed food.

So remember introduce new foods over a 3 week period, start by giving smaller amounts then increase once the dog has come to terms with it.... unless of course you want to be swimming in poo pools !!!!!

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