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vibe Sea Ghost 130 review
One of my favorite kayaks is the vibe Sea Ghost 130 review. The sea ghost is very value priced for an aluminum kayak at under seven hundred dollars and has the basic paddle, rudder and seat. I have been playing around with the Sea Ghost for the past two months and have had a great experience. I have been using the boat for fishing and have fished in many different lakes and streams. I was happy with the boat for its light weight and portability. I wanted to find a kayak that would be easy to maneuver on calm water and also had the ability to get up into high wind when needed. After testing the sea ghost I believe that this is what I have found.

I love the style of this kayak as it fits in well with many styles of fishing. For instance the captain's chair makes it very convenient for carrying gear and for launching and landing. I also love the large storage area that the rudder has to keep my gear organized. I was really surprised with how well it handled when trying to cast and retrieve. I was able to fish and stand on the seat while my son was fishing a smaller lake. We were both able to cast effectively without having to move to where the boat was going.

I used the sea ghost to fish for my first big day of lake fishing. I was not going to have much success with my fishing rod but when I called and retrieved I could see why people love this kayak so much. I did not realize how easy it was to maneuver this kayak because I did not have any experience with fishing in them. I really enjoyed my first couple of days using the sea ghost. I will definitely be back to the lake soon. I plan on doing some serious fly fishing for many more years.

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