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Dark Web Links: Accessibility And Points To Watch For.
Accessing websites in the dark net requires specially designed browsers. One of the prominent browsers out in the market is Tor. It is a free to use browser with rich options and is a clone of Mozilla’s flagship Firefox browser. While web links are easily to obtain for clear net websites, dark web links are referred to as Onion links. They end with. Onion extension compared to. Html or .CSS or other Platforms. Another point to note is that dark web links contains more numbers than letters which makes remembering them hard. Some dark web links may even change servers or domains frequently so it is a good idea to frequently refresh and bookmark them. To make the job a bit easier, there are indexing services that update the popular links like Hidden Wiki and submit them. Users can search these indexing pages for reference. Popular social media platforms have their tor extension for dark net users also. 

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