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Colloidal silver is SAFE
When someone does not understand a subject especially Drs or Vets they tend to dismiss anything out of hand because they have NEVER been trained in that area, that is shortsighted ignorant and invalidates their opinions 

Read the artcile carefully

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Understanding the behaviour of multifunctional colloidal nanoparticles capable of biomolecular targeting remains a fascinating challenge in materials science with dramatic implications in view of a possible clinical translation. In several circumstances, assumptions on structure–activity relationships have failed in determining the expected responses of these complex systems in a biological environment.
The increase of antibiotic resistance in bacteria has become a major concern for successful diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Over the past few decades, significant progress has been achieved on the development of nanotechnology‐based medicines for combating multidrug resistance in microorganisms. Among this, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) hold great promise in addressing this challenge due to their broad‐spectrum and robust antimicrobial properties.the antibacterial mechanisms of silver nanoparticles and further elucidates how different structural factors including surface chemistry, size, and shape, impact their antibacterial activities, which are expected to promote the future development of more potent silver nanoparticle‐based antibacterial agents.

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