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Herbs for Pets
The most outstanding attributes of licorice root is it’s action as an anti-inflammatory agent. In Chinese medicine, licorice root is commonly used as a liver detoxifier and in several studies it has been shown to benefit animals suffering from liver damage.
________________________________ For ringworm infections, thoroughly soak your companion with a strong, cooled sage tea twice daily. A strong sage tea or tincture can also be used to treat and prevent gingivitis and dental infections.
_____________________________ 1/4 teaspoon of marshmallow tea is good for lubricating and expelling fur balls in cats. You can also give 1/4 teaspoon of bran, psyllium, or ground flaxseed to provide fiber and lubricating mucilage to help remove hair balls.
___________________________________ Yucca is commonly added to dog, cat, horse, or cattle feed to optimize the nutritional value of an animal’s food, and to reduce unpleasant odors in urine and feces in house pets.
Working dogs and those who are subject to physiological stress benefit from hawthorn as a daily supplement, as do older animals who suffer from chronic heart problems.
_____________________________________ It is one of the plants which is said to be disliked by fleas, and powdered Fennel has the effect of driving away fleas from kennels and stables. The plant gives off ozone most readily.
_____________________________________ Cleavers is used to increase circulation of lymph in impaired areas of the body. This action along with its mild astringency make it useful to speed healing of gastric ulcers, drainage of lymph engorged cysts, tumors and inflamed urinary tract, and upper digestive tract. In cats, these actions make cleavers a safe long-term aid in the treatment of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), and the herb may also be useful for chronic low-grade kidney inflammation.
________________________________________________________ Dogs at some time in their lives may require a calmer, maybe during the usual Uk firework season, going to the vets, or facing kennels when you jet off to sunnier climes. By making and following the ingredients below you may use this as often as you like without overdosing fido.Its sweet so dogs tend to like it (alot) 1 tspoon German chamomile 1 tspoon catnip 1 tspoon scullcap ½ cup water 2-3 tbls honey Heat the water in a microwave-safe mug or glass measuring cup to simmering. Add the herbs to the hot water and cover to prevent the loss of oils from evaporation. Allow to steep for five to six minutes then strain, pressing the herbs in the strainer to express as much fluid as possible. Mix with honey and store in an airtight container.
Offer the syrup to your dog on a large spoon, allowing him to lick it off. There is no chance of overdosing, so give him as much as he wants. They usually refuse more than two or three spoonfuls, though some dogs have a sweet tooth, just like people. Use your better judgement. You will typically see visible results within 15 – 30 minutes, with your dog slipping into a relaxed, restful sleep. Offer more as often as needed.Keep this in a brown bottle in a cool place.
_____________________________________________________ Natural Tips To Improve Your Dogs Health and Wellbeing.
Ecinacea Purpurea
Used daily to help stem kennel clough, hacking dry coughs in dogs and sneezes brought on by a weather change etc. Has similar results to Kennel Cough Vaccine yet with fewer if any side effects at all.
Lecithin Grains (which we use in some of our products)
Use 1 tspoon daily for dogs that have seizures, heart trouble and aids good nerve stimulation.
Milk Thistle
This is one of the most important herbs for dogs with any liver disorder and for any dog taking steroids , using heartworm medication or after vaccines as all these directly affect how the liver works , milk thistle promotes active liver production.
Neem Oil
External agent for fleas, mites, hot spots, skin infection, skin irritation, eczema dry skin.
Peppermint tea
(Infuse peppermint with hot water steep allow to cool then serve)
Great for wind (all dogs fart) also good for motion sickness Travelling and improving appetite in dogs.
Apple mashed inc skin and pulp
Use warmed through for loose stools the cellulose binds the stool whilst the natural antibiotic effect of the apple fruit cleanses the stomach and intestinal tract.
Bee pollen
Use as required for allergies and pain relief, can also be used to improve digestion and is a superb source of protein and carbohydrates for all dog needing a boost.
Chamomile (can be used as a tea)
Great for nervous or clingy dogs getting rid of worms, aids digestion can also be used to treat k9 asthma Used externally it is great for conjunctivitis and dandruff.
Co Enzyme Q10
Great to treat feline aids and improves heart circulation in dogs and cats. Karen Clark Stapleton



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