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New Pup New Rules For Better Homes
Weaning Foods and advice PUPS 2018
All pups have had the following and been good with them list (A)
Butchers tripe dog food 
Naturo Dog food 60% meat all varieties
Durham Raw Foods (DAF) i cook in microwave all varieties 
Linseed bread
Peanut butter 
Cheese (Cheddar extra mature, goats cheese, cheesestrings, babybel , cheshire, lancashire )
Raw Chicken wings washed in hot water
Hard boiled egg
Harringtons dried foods all varieties
Lambs Liver cooked and dried 
Chicken feet dried
Venison cooked and raw (microwaved)
Salmon cooked fillet
Salmon smoked lightly , cooked fillet
Salmon trimmings cooked 
ice cubes 
Filtered water
Seatreats salmon skin dried
Fish4 dogs small dried treats
Mashed potato 
Corned beef hash home made 
Home made cod and pollock and haddock pea risotto
Chicken and pea and asparagus risotto home made
Smoked cooked bacon
Pork joint cooked
Beef joint cooked
Lamb joint cooked
Chicken cooked 
Extra Tasty Chicken cooked
Cooked and dried pork and beef and chicken sausages
Cooked breaded chicken nuggets
Home made chips in crisp n dry oil
Roast potatoes
List (B)
initially gave slight reaction at 4 -5 weeks
Better a week later but be aware
Raw foods all varieties (uncooked)
Liver all types
Uncooked lamb bones 
Apple (pink lady)
Rice pudding with goats milk
Fried egg (still a NO NO )
egg whites cooked and scrambled egg still a NO NO )
cream NO 
chappie dog food
lilys kitchen (very runny poop)
beef dog food
Ham is a NO NO

none are lactose intolerant
some do itch with wheat based foods
Suggest no scrambled eggs at all

food should be 1750-200g per day on a home diet
foods that encourage gnawing will help keep teeth clean and encourage even growth of jaw bones which grow at differing rates in developing pups

Walks please keep to
5 minutes per age of dog in months
so a 3 month old pup gets 15 minutes then pick up and allow a good rest period carry in sling provided then 15 minutes until doggy says no BUT always with a rest period

NO RUNNING except on even non slippy ground, public heaths/ woodland, golfing areas, parks have usually divots that can be deep, pups tend to dive in chest first and damage wrists elbows and knee joints . For training always try to keep Fido on their collar and lead until they are good at recall. IT bonds you both but also allows the doggy to be aware of its surroundings when with you, pace etc is also important. You should walk at a range of speeds when using a lead, direct your doggy as to when you will go faster or slower use single words and then say stop, walk on etc, simple words they associate with these different speeds will help train your dog at all times.
Collars should only be worn for walks , never with no supervision
Must be cleaned daily 
You will find that if in early months and years if teeth are uncleaned your doggy will start to lose teeth much earleir than they need too.Use the toothbrush as a play toy to get them used to it
Your puppy comes out with tipped nails to avoid tearing them from the bed if caught in clothing
Walking on footwalks rather than grass all the time keeps them short
If you are unsure how to clip nails or maybe the doggy doesnt like it use the dremmel nail file , using it for fun to start with will again give you and Fido confidence and then you will not take too much nail off which will result in the doggy being fearful when it is nail clip time
Ear hair is needed, however if Fido has brown stuff coming out then something needs to be done- this is more likely to be due to water getting into ear canal during bathing than ear mites. however the treatment is the same to start with- use
Quistel ear cleaner (ebay or amazon) - syringe 5 mls into ear canal and tip head sideways to allow it to enter whole canal
after a few seconds straighten head and excess will run out, massage ear and leave alone- DO NOT PUT EAR BUDS INSIDE Fidos ears please
Repeat other side
Do this daily for 5 days whether looks like issue has resolved. Then next bath time plug ears with large cotton ball to avoid it.
Occasionally buns get stuck with food too hard or also too soft and sticky. Stress, different diets and too quick a change to any new food will cause this as will eating from public parks, flowers in garden, weeds, soil the list is endless. How to avoid SAY NO when in parks or open spaces and you do not wish for Fido to eat- THAT INCLUDES taking any food from strangers even in show rings, there are some right sick individuals that would like nothing better than to harm your best buddy so say NO to strangers feeding your dog . A few years ago certain individuals threatened to poison one show exhibitors dogs , that year at Crufts 2 dogs died, says it all really doesnt it !
Bathe bums using running warm water and then use cheap cream for piles to massage into red area to avoid baboon bum.
Use ONLY products I suggest, if I say your dog has an issue with a product take it that they do ! I supply shampoo and detangler and grooming kit with pups. Using products I dont suggest like bubblegum or rose scented shampoo because you use it with your other dogs is one sure fired way to have a reaction. If pup does have a reaction I will supply a medicated shampoo as I have always done and give firm instructions on use. Please try to follow my advice. Your pup is thoroughly checked by a vet for skin issues, fleas mites in every orifice like they should be, skin is also checked for any other issues, THIS IS NORMAL procedure and notes taken. We provide flea treatment and advise when to use it, likewise with wormers, we do this to prevent you using wrong harmful products then trying to suggest issues that did not exist when the pup left, it is also to ensure you know that vets and groomers can be a place to come home with little visitors.

If we find a problem we will tell you, we have nothing to hide, that would be counter productive and harmful to your pet. Problems we find we will always tell you how to deal with it and if it was detrimental obviously you wouldn't go home with Fido until it had been fully resolved.
Developmental issues
I do not have a crystal ball, I do not have a little fairy that lives between two parallel universes.I test and all health certificates are always placed on the page for you to upload, I inform every one of that and in all my years that has NEVER changed and is not likely too either. I have been going to the same eye vet for over 17 years and she knows me and all the doggies well. Hips are not tested they are BVA scored again a copy is always placed onsite for you to copy yourselves- of you have the ability to use facebook and are on my page then you see your own dogs health papers and those of the relatives too, again to do otherwise would be somewhat pathetic. The difference between a test and a score is chalk and cheese, NO ONE SHOULD EVER ACCEPT A HIP TEST it is like saying I have x-ray eyes, sadly some breeders really do think this is possible and manage to kid potential new buyers . SCORES are what is needed and can only be done by a vet and then they are sent to the British Veterinary Association to be INDEPENDENTLY assessed against many thousands of animals. IF UNSURE ASK YOUR VET ! I guarantee they will say a test is a cursory look externally and of as much use as an ice-cream in the heat....
Nobody expects your breeder to be as educated as your vet but one should expect them to know canine anatomy, canine health and all of the implications of not adequately PREVENTING disease, if not they should not be breeding.

I test for haemophilia , hips patella, heart hearing, eyes, coats and coat furnishings most done via laboklin rest BVA .Far more than most other breeders in UK ,my affix still to date has the most scored hips of the breed in UK. (yes that annoys some but frankly I don't care about idiots )
Please follow the harmful plants lists and harmful foods lists on the page- they may just save your pets life.
Dogs drink water and we do suggest adding a little benefiber to water to ensure anal glands get to work as they should. This is available from most local supermarkets, they require about 1/2 tspoon daily in water. It is odourless, colourless, tasteless and is a human supplement so good for you too.
Spay neuter
This is a reproductive surgical non reversible procedure to prevent unwanted litters- trust me THEY WILL HAPPEN and any breeder that says it hasn't is either living in a mansion and has eyes in back of head 24/7 or is a liar...Since my divorce I have had 4 unexpected litters but have told the owners, no one is perfect- however now I am back to housing dogs in different sex rooms .

We do advise starting orthopaedic supplements once a dog or bitch has been sterilised. This can aid in the prevention of some orthopaedic complications due to loss in hormones we also advise asking your vet to leave in ovaries in bitches. They should also offer temporary reproductive sterilisation in form of male implant and also offer to leave in testes and simply tie the vas deferens and consider laproscopic procedure too.

A full list of recommended supplements is available just ask if you cannot find them on here

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