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Diet Safest approach to fleas 'n' worms
Why it is important to read this and understand it, for the safer approach to caring for your doggies
Diet is ALWAYS the first way to PREVENT 
Fleas and

Always try these in the daily diet of your dog first :
diatomaceous earth, brewers yeast, garlic, edible lavender rosemary and doner kebab 
Use on coats and beds and carpets this spritz
10 drops lavender 5 drops T Tree , 5 drops rosemary 5 drops citronella crush 1 garlic clove into 25 mls water and steep for about 12 hrs then add the juice of this to the drops of essential oils above put into a spray bottle and add 100-200 mls distilled water and spray EVERYTHING.
In each room use 1 flea bomb at night (Turn off fire alarms)
Salt can be sprinkled into carpets leave overnight then hoover up.This stops the blighters breathing
ORDINARILY you should NOT use a preventative monthly because the dog gets used to them and they become ineffective resulting in you needing harsher chemicals and that harms a dogs immune system. Using diet will always be a safer less damaging preventative and will BOOST an immune system not harm it.

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