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The contents of each group are as follows quickly return after running to the nearest singles sideline (of course, this is only one step away); 2) return quickly after running to the center line of the serve (that is, the Test Troxin position of the teeing ground); ) ran to the other side of the singles sideline and quickly returned; 4) finally ran to the other side of the doubles sideline and quickly returned. Be careful, try your best to keep the first step, and keep moving at full speed as much as possible. Each of the three groups is a series. Now, like Rodrick, train to change direction in running. Instead of Test Troxin holding a shot, first stand at the "T" position of the teeing ground and make a preparation. Then let your companion stand near the front of the net opposite you. As he points to any area of the court, you have to move quickly and move into place. The companion must give a new indication as soon as you have just entered the desired position, so that you can move around before and after as you did in the game.


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