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allopathy v non allopathy
Why We ALL Should Be Careful About Debunking Nature Over Allopathic Treatment Systems.
As someone that continues to practice non-allopathic medicine it is important never attempt to redefine treatment and lose sight of were todays allopathic systems of medicine began in origin.
The starting point is for users of whatever system of treatment they have available to recognise and fundamentally realise that the title ‘Doctor’ is honorary unless you have studied to that level , today even Veterinary Surgeons have been permitted to use the title after many battles fought hard with the General Medical Council (GMC). Medicine as we recognise it today began its monopolisation of health in Victorian England , barbers were at that time places that many would go to seek health treatment hence why the white and red swirl is seen outside. Money bought and still does buy you your medical degree , having heard of students spending over 10 years at medical school to gain the correct modules to pass for the honour of being able to practice medicine, this still goes on today especially by many Asian families who will pay whatever it takes for their children to be called ‘Doctor’. The reality is folks – these are some of the people working today in medicine and treating YOU ! The same goes for Veterinary students who have failed modules many many times until miraculously one day they pass and can then move onto the next tutorial, we all remember the series ‘The Vet’ were students had to resit many exams in order to qualify and those very students now Vets are treating animals in the UK today. Most will think this is a post about slating Vets and Medical Doctors but it is much more, it is a post about respect and accepting that because you do not understand a system different to that of which YOU practice does not give you the right to debunk another especially one that many of your tutors at medical school and veterinary school are now teaching to students who recognise that science is as broad as it is long. Scientific research is plentiful covering the attributes of aromatic oils, and herbs, traditional chinese medicine , acupuncture ,herbalism , hypnosis  to name but a few yet still practitioners are deemed ‘quacks’, ‘new age’, ‘wackos’. Allopathic medical practitioners who maim injure mistreat abuse and kill as many as  (A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than) 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.
Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
Advocates are fighting back, pushing for greater legislation for patient safety. If we were to calculate globally the figures would be astronomical and exceptionally worrying- however once we understand that many of those practicing allopathic medicine today failed in as many as 4 attempts at a basic medical exam they had studied for throughout that semester it would not seem to unreasonable, the same goes for those in all fields across allopathic medical systems including veterinary science.
The highest level of degree they study for is Masters unless they undertake postgraduate specialisms and they too are at Masters level. There are some who continue to Doctoral level but the numbers are relatively small- yet all are fully entitled to call themselves Doctors. A privilege one might suggest that some do not deserve and take full advantage of often debunking systems that pre-existed their drug based pharma theories by tens of thousands of years. In effect the GMC (due to its class driven history) hold a monopoly over YOUR health and those of your animals. Economics being the driving force way before preventative medicine, curative medicine and maintenance medicine, none of which could ever benefit its subscribers…….
Whenever I hear a persons descriptive summing up of their knowledge as  “I am a Policeman so I know the law, I am a Doctor so I know medicine and I am a vet so I know the physiology of the dog better than you”. I wince at the extraordinary level of their misguidance, the exceptional level of ignorance they have and the absolute arrogance and contempt they have for the person (paying them) sitting in front of them. Without so much as a passing glance they have managed to incorrectly sum up (by dress code and body fat (yes it does happen ) the educational level of their client, their citizen their patient and their subscriber. They could have absolutely no idea with whom they are talking with let alone the level of their formal training and education. I often refer to this as the generation of social media wannabes that truly does judge a book by its cover, the generations that see role models in reality TV shows and blindly follow them knowing full well they gained their money by the usual release of a sex DVD or the kiss and tell story in the local tabloid newspaper- hardly a grounding in psychoanalysis , moreover it could be said that they live life through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook none of which will they be likely to have more than 5 true friends with whom they have ever held a genuine conversation face to face with !
This dumbing down of society brings with it a sincere lack of accepting by many professionals that people have a right to question anything that is inaccurate, flawed or blatantly unjust. Indeed I would strengthen that by stating ‘Fiction is accepted over FACTS’ on all forms of social media but more specifically on Facebook. Any social media site that chooses to permit an absolute stranger more rights over a page owned by a deceased family member has a diabolical approach to morals and ethics. Any site that refuses to scrutinise members who are presently under Police investigation whilst showing the victims of these con artists no quarter when they post FACTS is a site that is driven by mismanagement, economics and poor ethics. Then this is the same social media site that was hacking members private messages, selling your private data to companies for vast profits and yet only a very few people have shut down their accounts and have returned to using old www forum sites who do not sell your data, who do not make profit from you and who are not driven by profits at your expense. The reality is that whilst  weaker people still choose to be subjugated by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter , stronger individuals are being forced to use those same sites in order to remain at hand and assist those needy of help in whatever form- something those weaker users should sit back and think of ! -
THESE ARE THOSE VERY SAME PROFESSIONALS THAT cannot accept other medical or veterinary systems and the great value they bring , The VERY same individuals of whom have had to take resit after resit yet refuse to believe in anything other than Pharmaceutical based practice . The sad reality is of course- they are KILLING YOU AND YOUR PETS and you are funding it! These people cannot think outside the box, they can use a mobile phone but cannot cook a meal , they can operate Windows 10 but would not know how to get rid of headlice on a camping holiday.
It is interesting of late to recognise that many countries  are seeing a return to nature within economics and planet driven structures yet most medics and most vets are remaining steadfast in their approach to forcing subscribers to use pharma over natural treatments until of course that starts to impact on the economics of places like the USA whose mass withdrawal of opiates (where previously those medics have handed them out like candy)is encouraging a return to human based therapies , leaving many feeling isolated and used.
The tide of change is upon us if only the ignorant would be less narrowminded!

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