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Eurobichons has now been MOBILIZED via TAPATALK.

Please go to the home page > right side column.
Download the app that matches your device and follow the instructions to set up. Once set up, search for the site via the url > eurobichons .com and you will see the site logo. Click follow and then you'll be prompted to log in. You never need to log out.

easy peasy!

This site will work on mobile devices with or without Tapatalk.
I'm in x

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Very good Hazel!

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Can't see an articles to click. I put Eurobichons in browser then added it to home screen. Now can tap the icon for that, then tap view and there are no ads in my mobile. If I read something and click the see full article at bottom it throws me back to non mobile version

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Have a look here:

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