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Is BARF and Raw Really That Good ?
Special thanks for outlining what is known about carbohydrate metabolism in domesticated dogs. This might explain why my dog seems to do better with a certain amount  of starchy carbs in his diet.   I think it is a mistake to maintain dogs on very low carbohydrate diets indefinitely,  especially during periods of growth, illness, stress, pregnancy etc. I saw significant improvements in my dog's health on a nutritionally balanced, raw food diet, but I saw further improvement in his behaviour and temperament when I introduced things that make most raw feeders heads spin: banana, sweet potato, and even carefully prepared grains and pseudograins. I really think the grain free and raw movements have done many pet dogs a disservice by restricting their carbohydrate intake so drastically. 

As an aside, my dog's diet would be lacking in many ways if it didn't contain cooked foods. I don't think we should be denying our dogs anything that they tolerate well, if it benefits them.

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