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Havanese Pedigree breeding Failed Eye Results UK - Twitchin Kitten - 12-30-2016

Originally posted in 2011 By Karen:

litter screening

Honeyponeys Demon at Newtonwood x Jetandra Just Lazy

1 Male with Retinal Fold.Round optic disc.

Eye Results NON CLEAR

Jessed the joyfulFuture Vom Salzetal at Ligray 03

Kennichien Bright Spirit 03.06,08

Kennichien Jippiapa with Bochin 02

Miss Que Sera Sera Sweet Honesty at Sheneva 96-99 (inc)01-03INC)

Miss petticoat sweet honesty at sheneva 99-01inc 05

SorredsParaiso Barricole Non INherited eye disorder 06-08 inc

Tammylan Bianca at barja 99-05 inc

Tammylan Pandoras at Wybnella 2000-04

Tammylan Taino 00-03

Kennichien sporty spice 99-00

Cikita mun oma of tammylan 00

Barj hava drink on me at falernian 99-02

Queguog de champonay at tammylan 95-98

Tammylan beauty 00

Wybnellas pantomine at margaricha 02

Now all those who CARE about hav health should now go to hav gallery use name of all dogs in list and take notes of offspring, then check dates, you WILL be amazed at how many and whom is using the dogs with eye disorders even with bad results...........................
This is how you can all keep abreast of havanese health in the UK , Europe and elsewhere without much research experience.
Good luck , if you need help SHOUT !