Embedding Video into posts
We can now embed all kinds of media with one simple function!
Simply copy the ADDRESS of the video or sound file and paste it in the thread where you want it to show up. It will show up in the post like magic! No bb code tags needed!
Not sure what embeds? Try it... post your link, hit PREVIEW POST and see if it works.

For audio clips, all you need is the URL of the file for it to show, it will recognize audio clips hosted on your own server or places like a gallery etc.

Don't want your video to embed? Simply format your post not to embed by putting BB tags around the url like this:
[amoff]PAGE WITH VIDEO LINK URL HERE[/amoff] <-- now only a link to the page will show and no video. Readers can watch the video on the site's page instead and read whatever article is there as well.
PREVIEW your post to make sure it works, then hit send when you're done composing.