Full Version: Why Using Phenotypes For Breeding is NOT THe Best Way for Breed Preservation
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How can relative frequencies be used to study populations?

Modern Theories of Evolution - Non Random Mating

Small Gene Pool Breeding Strategies- Breeders Getting It Wrong Creates not Resolves Disease -

Born in a stable doesn't make a racehorse !!!!!…/10…/s40575-015-0014-9

The Latest Information on DNA and how social environments can alter phenotypes in mammals...... and
Y-chromosome DNA Is Present in the Blood of Female Dogs Suggesting the Presence of Fetal Microchimerism.…/…/1618/20120345…/…/1618/20120345

More to help you new breeders that assume you are experts get to the reality of DNA…/Animal+Breeding_Wageningen_Cha……/whitman-and-agrawal-2009-Ch_1-…

2016 research THIS IS THE LATEST on why choosing a dog for phenotypes is NOT the way to get the dog you assume is correct in type……/genetic-dominance-genotype-phenotyp

There is a lot of comprehensive reading here for all those that need enlightenment on breeding strategies, maybe the ones presently being used are NOT the best and that should change !