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The Essentials in a Havanese Grooming and First Aid Kit
( All new mums and dads should get these )
Keep a first aid safety kit on hand at home and in your car. Take the one from your car with you when you travel with your pet.
For all flappy eared dogs
Quistel Ear Cleaner
Ear Buds Johnsosn Only
Cornstarch to grip inner ear hairs should you NEED TOO!
Mix into a pot : lemon juice (jif)
2 Tbspoons e45 cream or similar
1 tsp cornstarch
Mix into a thickish paste and apply each night on stained areas. Stain will go lighter over time then stop use as necessary
Flannel to use each morning on stained areas being treated.
To stop OR remove tats in a havanese or bichon group dog…/survivor-super-detanglar-shi…
Apply onto coat dry if tangled OR use as a superb conditioner
I also recommend the shampoo YOU WILL NOT BUY ANY BETTER PRODUCT
Haemoroid cream cheap one is fine : use on bums that get dried poop on, after washing in bath with a conditioner this helps remove dried poopy
Cohesive Bandage : this is used if dog gets a sprain or is injured its breathable, its not sticky on coats, it allows movement but supports any injury including a suspected fracture until you get to a vet.…/coflex-vet-cohesive-bandage-5cm-p-…
Detangle comb with rotating teeth ,(stops cruelty)…/…/B005NIBMWY
Round edged small scissors
Dog grooming scissors…/Jaguar_and_Aesculap_Dog_Gro…
1 pair curved
1 Pair short
1 Pair long 
Bernina Dematting tool
Small container plain flour or styptic pencil to stem blood loss 
1 Long wide tooth comb
1 Narrow tooth comb
1 Wood Pin brush
1 small kids electric toothbrush
Bicarb soda or
Baking soda…
1 set dog grooming clippers Andis or oster or wahl professional
Eqyss Survivor Detangler
You can also use the shampoo and conditioner by eqyss
Wee pads x 2
Sterilised Talc
Thornit Powder
or see me for ear cleaner for smelly ears
Benadryl childs dose
Calpol or equivalent take infant dose
gatorade or any elctrolyte drink
apple sauce 
water bottled
Can be used to wash wounds, wash eyes wash out infected areas
Rectal thermometer
dextrose tabs (for all smaller dogs tpo prevent hypoglycaemia)
two small towels
Flash light (night use and great for looking inside wounds)
Vaseline for thermometer 
Disposable razor to shave away coat in wound areas
3x3 sterile gauze pads
Rolled gauze (for bandaging, stabilizing joints, making a muzzle)
Adhesive first aid tape (in narrow and wide widths)
Cotton rolled
Cotton balls 
Bandages (including self-clinging or vet wrap and waterproof types)
Vet wrap, which sticks to itself but not fur.
Anti-bacterial wipes or pads
Hot/cold pack
Ice pack
Hydrogen peroxide 3% USP (to induce vomiting and to use on infected wounds; check the expiration date from time to time and keep only fresh solution in your kit)
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TABLETS (effective in absorbing many toxics)
Betadine solution (a type of antiseptic iodine medicine for wounds to deter infection)
Antibiotic ointment (such a Neosporin)
Rubbing alcohol (apply on skin as body cooling agent to aid heat stroke or fever; helps break down oils; acts as a drying agent between toes and skin folds; but do not use on wounds as it can damage skin and is not an appropriate antiseptic)
Pepto BIsmol for upset tums n bums
so have in your car:
Bottso have in your car:
Bottled water
Bowl or other container to use for water
Spare leash
Have a book with the following numbers
Vets emergency number
Vets usual number
Insurance details 
Cards with your details
Calming stuff like rescue remedy , or bach flower essentials
Muzzle to prevent bites if serious injury
Details of family who will be able to assist you
By having all of these in two bags 1 Grooming 2 First Aid you will always be prepared for most problems.
Its by NOT being prepared that can cause most unnecessary lengthy vet procedures.
Those with Female dogs should also carry
anti mate spray
Mikki Knickers and pads



Quistel's Soothing Ear Cleaners
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ALL NEW doggy Parents

This week we discussed grooming , please comb daily as I have shown you all. use the products I have told you about and given you
The brush I recommend is sprenger , the chicken feet I recommend is below
Dog training puzzles Confuseduggest use to maintain brains
Puppy noise training cd…/survivor-...anglar-shi…/Nina-Ottosson-Mi...1208987053…/Sou...fe_CD.html
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What you need to groom at home…/…...t-splitter…/…/d...g-scissors

scissors 1 x straight pair, 1 x curved pair, 1 x round tip pair, clippers oster, andis or wahl professional, blades range of sizes to imclude from 1/2 inch to 4 inch for puppy cuts
combs to include dematting tool, rotating teeth comb, straight comb, double sided comb
oil for coat management
brush i prefer cris cristensen and also now sprenger pin brushes

When grooming HAIR sticks to clothes so use a professional grooming tunic as they repel hair, trust me its bloody itchy and can be painful if gets in your eyes !!!

Argon Oil, Coconut Oil, Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner, all shampoos and conditioners should be diluted x 10 and pups shouldnt have any scented product before 12 months of age to avoid stressing their immune systems

Hair dryers if more than 1 doggy it is best to get a stand dryer to avoid back issues , if not get a multi blower that will allow cool settings and variable speeds

Nose trimmers are great to trim around eyes nose and repro bits, Vaseline and a styptic pencil are a must as is a small container of the following

Plain flour
Plasters for YOU
Hair wax
Doggy hair spray
Spray bottle to keep coat damp