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tear stains
How to start removing eye stains from dogs eyes
Cut any wicking away from surrounding area or clip back loose hair
Bathe daily with warm water and add few drops lemon juice on a cotton ball One for each eye
After that use some aqueous cream and apply to surrounding areas leave on overnight
Bathe again daily with same as above and you will see the red staining come away daily

It is important to feed your dog a colour FREE diet,most staining will come from the stuff your dog eats, the rest is due to tearing caused by wicking and or disease.
Always have your dogs eyes tested ,it will prevent (when possible) blindness or irritation. The KC will support eye testing FREE at some shows , please attend.

A dogs eyes are not as important as its nose but they are as important as yours are !
Tear staining was quite a problem for me for a long while with Walter and Wilbur also had some. I've tried everything to no avail, except for Karen's recipe, but I'm scared to use it in case I blob it in their eyes. However in October Walter started with terrible problems with itching and licking his paws until raw, he was constantly at the vet, on steroids and wearing a head collar and we were both frantic. However after months of stress he was diagnosed with food allergies and put on a very strict diet of hydrolysed food and once the symptoms stopped we slowly reintroduced foods to find out what was ok and not.
Anyway to cut to the chase we found out he was very allergic to Chicken, and not good with some other meats but could tolerate small amounts. Now we know this he is mostly symptom free, but the strange and wonderful thing is his tear stains have completely gone. So I've tried excluding chicken from Wilbur's diet and low and behold his are growing out too. 
So before you spend a fortune on remedies like I have try removing chicken from the diet for a few weeks and see what happens, it's worked for both my boys and they are from different parents and two years apart. Hope this helps someone else!


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